Sodium Feldspar

We are well geared with the latest technologies and best quarries to offer premium range of sodium feldspar enriched with the best quality minerals which will last for decades to come. Feldspar is composed of rock forming aluminum sector silicate minerals, a mixture of sodium calcium potassium or variable. Sodium Feldspar are also found in many types of sedimentary rocks. It is the single most abundant mineral found on the earth’s crust. Sodium Feldspar is the second most important ingredient after clay, to be used in the manufacturing of ceramic products. It allows clay and Quartz to melt and with proper mixing, facilitates modulations of ceramic products.

Due to their alumina and alkali content, feldspars are most commonly used in industrial applications. Feldspars are most commonly used as a fluxing agent in ceramics and glass industry – which form the major consumers of feldspar with 95% of total consumption. We produce customised sizes as per clients needs. You can request sample before placing an order with us for product quality assurance. Primarily used for the fluxing properties and to lower the melting points of the body/slag, which results in significant energy cost savings. One of the best quality in India as well as in the world –Na2O >10%.

Scope of usage

• Tiles,
• Frits,
• Glazes,
• Ceramics,
• Sanitary Ware,
• Ceramic Compound,
• Porcelain, China and Earthenware.

Technical specifications

Grade : SF-01 & SF-02

Physical Properties

- Firing Result (1175°C-1225°C) : Milk white

- Visual Appearance : Whitish

POTASSIUM OXIDE (K2O) 0.05% (±0.03%) 2% (±1%)
SODIUM OXIDE (Na2O) 10.5% (±1%) 9% (±1%)
ALUMINA (AI2O3) 18.5% (±1%) 17% (±1%)
MAGNESIUM OXIDE (MgO) 0.1% (±0.03%) 0.1% (±0.03%)
SILICA (SiO2) 68% (±1%) 70% (±2%)
FERRIC OXIDE (Fe2O3) 0.10% (±0.03%) 0.15% (±0.05%)
CALCIUM OXIDE (CaO) 0.05% (±0.05%) 0.20% (±0.10%)
LOSS ON IGNITION (LOI) 0.10% 0.20%